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HTML Reminder Introduction:

Terrible in remembering important dates and events? No problem! Enter all the dates and events in HTML Reminder and generate a JavaScript based HTML page. Set the HTML page as your Desktop Wallpaper which will remind you as many as 25 days prior! 0% of your computer's memory will be used unlike other Reminding software available on the Internet!

HTML Reminder is loaded with features! You can easily customise the HTML page which you set as wallpaper. You can change fonts, colours, background and many more to suite your style and to make your Desktop funky as well as useful!

With HTML Reminder you decide what you want on your Desktop and where you want them. You can easily position the elements which will be displayed on your screen. With inbuilt preview you know the output even before it is written!

The clean and simple interface of HTML Reminder makes it easy for everyone to use.

Why HTML Reminder?


Most of the Reminder software load at Windows startup and sit in the system tray making Windows start slower and then eat away your computer's memory. HTML Reminder isn't like that! You have to run the software just once and create a HTML page. And, as the events will be displayed on your desktop, you will never miss out.


and more...


You can easily modify events and dates even after you have created the HTML page as the list of events and dates can be saved. Very very important events can be animated to make sure they catch your eyes! All the elements can be customised, giving the user full control on what to be displayed and how it should be displayed.

Listed below are some of the features of HTML Reminder:

  • Get reminded as early as 25 days or even on the day of an event.
  • Supports every screen resolution.
  • Various date styles like dd/mm/yyyy, md.dd.yy etc.
  • Select your favourite fonts and colours.
  • Positioning of elements. Pre-defined positions as well as 'drag and position' option.
  • Option between background colour and picture.
  • Cool text effects.
  • Inbuilt preview.
  • You can save all the settings to a file.
  • Create templates from your settings and share it with other users.


HTML Reminder has won numerous awards! Take a look at them.

Download HTML Reminder 7.0.3 Now! It's Free!



Updated on: 30th of May, 2007

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